Join the Happiness House whānau and support your community!

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At Happiness House, we value the role that volunteers play in supporting us in the work we do for the community.

Whether it is assisting us putting donations into the op-shop, greeting, and having conversations with visitors or helping us organise special events and projects. Without our wonderful volunteers, Happiness House would not be able to offer such a wide range of support for our community.

We highly regard the contributions that volunteers give to Happiness House and its visitors. Our hope is for each of our volunteers to feel welcomed into a whānau that is inclusive, encouraging, and enriching. 

What can you expect?

Every day is different at Happiness House, so you can expect a volunteer role that is just that; varied!

The role helps with the practical day to day tasks in the house, as well as connecting with community members visiting the house. However, the role can vary depending on your skills and interests. 

Here are some examples of what you could expect:

If volunteering at Happiness House is something you would be interested in exploring further, then come in for a chat!

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